Architectural reserve "Old Pomorie houses", Pomorie

The reserve "Old Pomorie houses" is located near the coast, at the eastern end of the old part of Pomorie and presents the architecture and specific elements of the houses on the beach.
The buildings in the reserve were built in the XIX century. The typical Pomorie house, which tourists can see walking through the cobbled streets, has two floors - a stone ground floor and a rafter floor. The upper floor is lined with wooden cladding of pine boards and beech logs on them, located horizontally. The main reason for placing them in this way is the climate - the boards do not stop the penetration of moisture to the building.
The high ground floor is built of stone, which housed the kitchen and utility rooms and warehouses. The gates on the ground floor are wide so that a car loaded with goods can enter and exit, as the ground floor has been used for wine storage and for drying fish and fishing nets.
A wooden staircase leads to the hall on the second floor. Around the hall are arranged rooms or salon niches, and each room had strictly defined functions. In the rich Pomorie houses, the halls and rooms had artistic decoration on the ceilings and walls.
The houses in the reserve are privately owned and not available for visiting, but in the Historical Museum of Pomorie there is an exposition that recreates the exact arrangement of the Anhial home. There, visitors can learn more about the way of life of local people in the past.

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