Fishing port, Sarafovo

The first fishing port in Bulgaria is already operating in the Sarafovo district of Burgas, which has become an attraction for people living in the city.

The facility has a capacity of over 100 berths for vessels up to ten meters, 20 berths for boats from 10 to 15 meters and ten berths for ships up to 20 meters.

Through the construction of a special point, fishermen are given the opportunity to sell catches directly. At the same time, the end user can get first-hand fish without the participation of resellers, which is a kind of regulator of fish market prices in the city.

The project also includes a service port building and a parking lot. Next to them is the covered market for the first sale of the catch with 20 tables. There is a handrail in the port, ensuring the launching of water and the removal of vessels.

A covered workshop was built for the repair work, located next to the heling. There are columns for power supply and water supply in the areas for mooring and mooring of vessels.

The entire port area is illuminated with energy-saving ice lighting and is monitored by a system of 29 cameras and recorders.

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