"Domain Boyar" Winery, Pomorie

Domaine Boyar is the first private wine producer since the changes in 1989.
The company was founded in 1991 and operates simultaneously in Sofia and London.
For several years it became a leading trading company for trade in Bulgarian wines and has made an outstanding contribution to their promotion in prestigious markets in Western Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.
The main markets in which the company is a leader in the export of quality Bulgarian wine today are Great Britain, Benelux, USA and Canada.

In 1992, Domaine Boyar received the personal permission of His Majesty King Simeon II and the exclusive right to use the family royal coat of arms on a special selection of premium wines called "Royal Selection". This is the beginning of the prestigious "Royal Selection" of Domaine Boyar. Wines that have been emblematic among connoisseurs in Bulgaria and around the world for 15 years.
The history of the company stands out in 1998, when the ambitious project for the construction of a modern wine cellar in Sliven, called "Blue Rocks", was approved. The winery was designed and built by the world-famous Australian company "A&G Engineering" with its innovative solutions - designed and built some of the world's most modern wineries.

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