Equestrian base "Royal Horse Club", Marinka village

The Royal Horse Club is located 10 km south of the city of Bourgas, on the Strandzha Planina, directly to the village of Marinka. The area is also known with the name Chengene yurts.
The meat is unique, the taste is very beautiful, the air is clean, the air is clean, there is silence and tranquility, a lot is close to the sea coast, but it’s too tempting with the planinata and the visitor. to Strandja. All these characteristics on the region will turn the mastoto into a perfect location for a citizen, like a farm for a horse, which will provide all the necessary conditions for living in a good environment. The construction is spread over an area of ​​25 decares and is located with a small parade ground and an Eco farm, which is in the immediate vicinity and in which it is located pudpdtsi, tokachki, a special breed of loops, Frenski gulki bilbi, and somehow a lot.

We will impose ambitions and the development of horse sports in the region, we will be comfortable and provide conditions for all riders!

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