Children's playground "KAMYNITE"

The children's corner is very spacious to provide the necessary freedom to play for our energetic little guests and also for some enthusiastic parents.

It is equipped with an individual music system with a huge range of music, a large trampoline, air hockey, table tennis, a climbing wall, a climbing frame, cars to ride, a play house. It also has tables and chairs where parents can rest while drinking coffee or eating with company while their children have fun.

The "KAMYNITE" children's corner is also suitable for celebrating the children's holidays, undisturbed by other guests of the hotel and restaurant. We have provided enough space to accommodate the decorations for the occasion and you can hire entertainers of your choice.


  • Spacious playground Spacious playground
  • Parent's zone Parent's zone
  • Music system Music system
  • Climbing wall Climbing wall
  • Air hockey Air hockey
  • Big trampoline Big trampoline
  • Table tennis Table tennis
  • Climbing frame Climbing frame

Feeling home

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