"KAMYNITE" Brewery

Created with love, stone by stone...

Created with love, stone by stone...

The first stone of the "Kamanite" was laid in 2001 and since then is a symbol of the whole restaurant. It is no coincidence that the brewery is called "Kamanite", as thousands of stones from different parts of the country were used in its construction. The architectural concept and execution are the work of the Saraf master Zheko Aleksandrov and his skillful brigade. Only here on our Black Sea coast you can see columns and walls built of ordinary sea stone. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant takes us somewhere far away to the time when the clocks stopped and the wine was blood red.


  • International cuisine International cuisine
  • Cozy interior Cozy interior
  • Children's corner Children's corner
  • Business occasions Business occasions

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""Kamanite" Brewery is the place where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old taverns. Let the everyday interior embrace you and the delicious dishes captivate your senses."

Miroslav AleksandrovManager

Feeling home

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