Burgas beach

Burgas beach is conditionally divided into 3 main parts, namely: Central Beach, North Beach and Solnitsi Beach.

With its nearly 2 km. length and golden sandy strip The central beach in Burgas is a favorite place of guests and residents of the city. For relaxation or leisure, the beach is pleasant and great for swimming and tanning in the hot sun. The central beach attracts not only with its spacious strip, reaching a width of 30 meters, but also with its location - near the Lighthouse of Bourgas.

The North beach is a continuation of the Central beach. Its length is 1700 m and the average width reaches 38 m. The level of the sand is leveled along its entire length, and its cleanliness is taken care of daily.

These two beaches are located next to one of the greenest and most pleasant places in the city - the Sea Garden. Throughout the year the park and the beach are quite lively and definitely worth a visit. The beach is kept clean and treated with special equipment so that locals and visitors can fully enjoy their stay. The safety of the beachgoers is taken care of by qualified water lifeguards, observing the sea strip at the specially built observation posts. For the convenience and comfort of the beachgoers the strip of the Central beach is equipped with showers and changing rooms, and umbrellas and sunbeds are free. The beach also has playgrounds for volleyball, football, beach tennis, where more energetic visitors can play sports in the sun and diversify their stay in a healthy and fun way. The beach has a number of restaurants, bars and "traps" that greet their guests with pleasant music and delicious meals both during the day and in the evening. There they will serve you good food and cold drinks and will take care of your good mood without having to leave the beautiful sea.

Solnitsite beach is one of the most secluded and peaceful beaches in the region of Bourgas. It is located further north of the North Beach, near Atanasovsko Lake - one of the few places in Bulgaria where you can enjoy spa treatments for a nominal fee and under the open sky. In recent years, the beach is quite attractive for people who prefer to avoid large crowds and gather tan undisturbed. Kite and windsurfing enthusiasts are also tempted by the tranquility of the Salt Pans and use this place to practice their favorite sport. The beach is covered with black sand, which is so hot in summer that it is almost impossible to walk on it barefoot, but on the other hand it is clean and fine. The biggest advantage of the beach, apart from being one of its few visitors, is that it is located near the Burgas salt pans, where there are natural pools with healing mud, salt and lye. There is a parking lot next to the beach, where you can leave your car for free, and if you want you can take a nice walk or bike ride there / it is close to Sarafovo and the Sea Garden /. There is also free wi-fi in the area of ​​the mud and lye pools.

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