Ethnographic complexes with program, Village of Bata

The village of Bata is situated in the branches of Eastern Stara Planina mountain. It is 20 km northwest of the Black Sea, 23 km west of Pomorie, 35 km north of Burgas and 22 km east of the town of Aytos. The village can find your place of entertainment by visiting someone Of the two complexes offering a great program:

Complex "Mountain House"

In the summer season "Mountain House has" with a large outdoor restaurant in which entertains its small and large guests with a children's program, a 3-hour spectacle with attractions, folklore, fire-resinters and genre orchestra.

Ethnographic Complex "The Golden Barle"

Ethnographic complex "The Golden Board" is an attraction-bit complex consisting of two zones. One is the alley of the crafts - there are a potter, wood-carving, stan, souvenir shop, an animal corner and fire space for the fire dances and amphitheatrically located around him. The other is the restaurant to eat visitors who are welcomed with bread and salt, under the sounds of a guy and a girl in folklore costumes.

Feeling home

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