Sand Figures Festival, Burgas

Whatever our mood, a smile always appears on our face when we see a happy child's face or something provokes us to look back to unforgettable childhood memories. And it is as if we are instantly transported to another world, where time seems to have stopped and everywhere, everything is so carefree, easy and joyful. Such a small world opens its doors every summer in the Sea Garden of Burgas. It is not ordinary or fictional - it is quite real, no matter that it is made entirely of sand.

And so in the not so distant 2008 the first of its kind in Bulgaria Sand Sculpture Festival welcomed its first visitors, and in a short time became a favorite event not only for citizens of Burgas but also for guests of the city during the summer season. The place has always been the same - Lake Park, next to the Horse Base, but all the resources with which the festival is built every year, is gaining more and more scale over the years.

The preparation process itself begins much earlier than the traditional opening in early July. The terrain is prepared, the sand is sifted and the tireless work of the sculptors begins - artists who breathe life into their creations. Each subsequent edition of the festival manages to embody so much emotion and spirit with its overall new vision and proves that over the years its popularity is growing. In its first edition, the magic of sand art has been touched by 20,000 visitors, and with each passing year their number increases and reaches 100,000 people per season.

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