Castle "In love with the wind", Ravadinovo village

The style of the Castle is Fairytale, Magical. This is the secret of its magical effect - the dream come true to build a Castle that has it only in fairy tales. It is built entirely of 20,000 tons of stone, which is specially extracted from the bowels of Strandzha Mountain. The stone is marbled limestone and is present everywhere - in the fence, the artificial lake, the walls and towers, the chapel and the cellar. It contains traces of microdiamonds and that is why the castle changes its color during the different parts of the day - in the morning it is a shade of pink, during the day it is white, and on a full moon it shines. What makes the Castle even more unique is the form of a cross - a sign of faith, love and devotion in its construction and development.

The castle "In love with the wind" is a unique attraction, not only for Bulgaria. It attracts with equal interest and admiration, both Bulgarians and foreigners. Immerse yourself in the fabulous splendor of a castle from children's tales and allow yourself to get lost in its magical atmosphere.

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