Bicycle alley, Sarafovo - Sea Garden, Burgas

We are sure that bicycle lovers and enthusiasts for long walks would be happy with the beautiful bike path that reaches Sarafovo from the Sea Garden in Burgas.

1. Solnitsite - A traditional destination for the people of Burgas. The route starts from the Sea Garden and more precisely - the parking lot to the railway. crossed. From there to Solnitsite you will travel on a road entirely for pedestrians and cyclists. The bike lane is on the Atanasovska hair, which separates the sea and the Atanasovsko lake. Here is the Surf Club - Burgas. If the wind is right, you may be lucky to see up close windsurfers and kitesurfers from Bourgas and across the country. On the way before the end point you can stop and rest - there is a fountain and a compressor to inflate your tires. At Solnitsite you will find not only the largest outdoor spa in Bulgaria, but also several places where you can lock your bike and eat delicious and cheap, drink beer or coffee and, of course, dive into the sea. Next to Solnitsite is Symbiotic - area of ​​Atanasovsko Lake, which organizes interesting events in the summer. From the parking lot of Solnitsite you can take the asphalt road to reach the northern part of Solnitsite, from where you can walk to the "Point" - a place for bird watching. You can get there by going under the road junction on the road to Varna.

Distance - about 2.4 km. from the parking lot of the traps to the pools with lye; 5.9 km. to the northern part of Solnitsite.


2. Sarafovo - For the more motivated and resilient the walk to Solnitsite continues to the romantic district of Burgas - Sarafovo. The bike lane continues to the parking lot in front of Solnitsi beach - a favorite place of many citizens of Burgas. From there you have several options to continue -

"On the dirt road that runs past the sunflower fields." This road passes high and thanks to this there is a unique view of both Sarafovo and Burgas. Keep in mind that cars also pass on the dirt road, although rarely.

- On the alley, which passes right by the sea - here you can enjoy the sea up close. Recently, there is also lighting, so you can enjoy a night hike. The promenade ends at the newly built fishing port, where you can relax in the tranquil setting of boats and yachts. From the port you can continue to Sarafovo, where there are nice restaurants and traps.

- You can also drive on the new alley, which passes between the other two. It will be the fastest and most convenient way to get to the neighborhood.

Distance - from the traps of Solnitsite to Sarafovo on the dirt road - about 4 km; from the traps of Solnitsite to the Port of Sarafovo through the alley along the sea - about 3.5 km.

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