Saint Vlas

10 km from the town of Nessebar is the town of St. Vlas. Its location is very picturesque. Tucked away at the foot of the southern Stara Planina slopes by the sea, with a completely southern exposure and overlooking the resort of Sl. coast and town of Nessebar.

Already in the II century there is a famous Thracian settlement called Larissa. In the 14th century the name of the patron saint of trade and animal breeders Saint Vlas was ordered. He is a saint revered by both the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church. With this name followed a monastery, set on fire by numerous pirate raids. A monastery located around the village was the reason why the Turks ordered the Kyuchyuk Monastery during the Ottoman rule. After the Liberation - in 1886 the village was named Sveti Vlas. The town of Sveti Vlas is one of the oldest settlements in Nessebar municipality. All of them were destroyed in the 18th century, but some remnants of them can still be used.

Since 2006 the village acquires the status of a town. The location of the resort town, between the mountains and the sea makes the climate suitable for the treatment of lung and bone diseases. The beach is about 1 km long. The location of the village should be placed among the busiest tourist area in Bulgaria. This is the Bulgarian "Riviera", where the most visited resorts are.

In 2007 in Sveti Vlas was opened the largest marina in Bulgaria - Marina Dinevi, with a capacity of 300 yachts.

The beach of Sveti Vlas faces south. The sand is fine, golden. A unique combination of clean mountain air, sea climate and beautiful nature. Saint Vlas is a favorite vacation spot for many Bulgarians and foreigners.

Feeling home

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