Sunset Aquapark, Pomorie

With the wide diversion of the types of slides: relaxing, waking senses or extreme Sunset aquapark has no analogue among the like facilities. 17 of the most attractive slides leave from a spacious and modern building with all the amenities in it. It is irresistibly attributed to MINI PENDUM, Kamikaze, Free Fall, Twister Slide 1, Twister Slide 2, Without Gravity, Crazy Downhill, Tyfhoon Tunnel and The Spiral. In Sunset Aquapark you will experience the pleasure of the two longest slides on the Balkan Peninsula, each 150 meters. The facilities are of varying degrees of difficulty suitable for families with children for young people as well as for lovers of more relaxing water entertainment. The total length of the slides is over 1120 meters!

The attractions are designed in order to cause many smiles. For lovers of relaxing slides is the exclusive Water Multipurpose Water Play System, combining 6 platforms as well as Sunset slides.

It is especially thought of and for the youngest. The children's water gaming system where children will be able to indulge in fun games and joy will bring real joy to the kids.

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