Boat trip on the river Ropotamo

You can sail along the Ropotamo River in the deep part of the river. The pier, from which you can get on a boat, is located next to the main road Bourgas - Primorsko, about 5 kilometers from the seaside town. A wooden path leads to it, starting from a makeshift parking lot, off the road.

The boats run for about 30 minutes, and there are always those who want to. Unfortunately, the walk is not long - the boat moves 1.5 km upstream to reach near the swamp "Velov vir". The duration of the walk is 30 minutes round trip.

If you are curious, you can ask questions to the boatman, but he will hardly tell you anything more than the information in this post. The one we boarded was not one of the most talkative. The only thing we saw during our voyage was a bird and a small turtle perched on a tree that had fallen into the river.

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