The Old Town, Nessebar

The town of Nessebar is located 36 km northeast of Bourgas, on the Black Sea coast. In close proximity to it is another large Bulgarian resort - Sunny Beach.
The city was founded more than 3200 years ago. Inhabited by the Thracians in the late Bronze Age, they called it Melsambria, which meant "city of Melsas" - probably the name of the founder of the settlement.
Today the old and the new part of the city are separated by a narrow isthmus. The old town is located on a small peninsula. Due to its exceptional cultural and historical richness, Nessebar was declared a museum, tourist and resort complex of international importance by Decree № 243 of the Council of Ministers of 18.07.1956. In 1983, UNESCO included Old Nessebar in the List of World Heritage Sites.
Tourists can learn more about the history and development of the village at the Archaeological Museum, which is located at the beginning of the peninsula. There are exhibits found during archeological excavations. Traces of past historical epochs are everywhere. On the territory of the Old Town there is a part of the fortress wall, which has been declared an architectural monument of national importance in issue 41 of the State Gazette since 1964. There are preserved a large number of churches, two of them - "St. Spas" and "St. Stephen" have been turned into museum objects.

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