Permaculture Farm "Biotiful ", Rosen

We created this place because we wanted more people to have access to what nature gives in abundance. We wanted more people to re-establish the lost connection with the natural world, of which we are only a small part and from which we can learn a lot.

The farm is like a large outdoor classroom where everyone is welcome. Whether you want to learn more about how nature organizes life, how it solves problems and chooses sustainable forms, or whether you want to enjoy the greenery with a cup of tea in hand, you will certainly not be indifferent here. We have also thought about children - to have the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, in games and entertainment, while their minds are free and creative. We have set up a special children's area designed for play and outdoor learning, because we believe that open spaces provide great benefits for children, and the relationships built during childhood remain for life. The connection with nature is the greatest gift we could give our children.

In the organization, work and design of the farm we use the principles of permaculture agriculture, because it is easy, logical, healthy and harmonious. We hope that through the farm, more people and especially more children will discover the wisdom that hides every seed and every stalk in it and hopefully they will be able to take this wisdom and put it into their daily lives, because it can only make their lives better. -beautiful.

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